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Beautiful Canines
                                  by Erin

Spaw Packages


Wash & Blow-Dry



* blueberry facial

* bubbly wash and a conditioning treatment (best products according to dogs coat / skin type)

* calming Hot Towel treatment

* ears cleaned and checked

* teeth brushed

* glands expressed on request

* blow-dry & brush out

* nails cut

* nail grinding can be added for additional charge please see below

* unlimited hugs and kisses

* collar flower, bowtie or bandana

* prices go by weight,  breed, conditions of coat, & temperament (prices vary)

* light clean-up (trim on face, feet, sanitary) with wash & blow-dry services

* best package for puppies w/ coat to get acclimated to  the grooming process

Full Haircut

* all over haircut with wash & blow-dry services

Express Spa Treatment

Princess Puppy
Dog Spa

* prioritized appointments included in grooming services.

* hand dried or with a cool air dryer if scared 

* wait in car for service or run a couple errands

* typical time for xs - small dogs :  

wash/blow-dry: 1 hour

clean-up: 1.5 hours

full grooming : 2 hours

* typical time for medium :

wash/blow-dry: 1 - 1.5 hours

clean-up: 1.5 - 2 hours

full grooming:  2.5 

* time may vary depending on temperament and condition of coat 

* must be picked up promptly: I will call/text 15 mins before pick up if I did not give a specific time


Nail Grinding

* get your pups nails shorter and smoother

** nail trim required before service for safety if  there is length on nails **

* add-on service to groom $15.00

* stand alone service $20.00

* stand alone service w/ nail trim $30.00

Pet ink

** SAFE and won't cause any damage or allergic reactions to pets**

* OPAWZ Temp Ink

* applied with airbrush

* please request this service upon making appointment due to time needed

* color will last 1-3 washes

* add-on service

* $10.00 + per small design

* $10.00 + for each touch of color on body

Nail Clip

Nail Trim

** included in grooming service **

** required before nail grinding for safety if there is  length on nails **

* stand alone service $20.00

* stand alone service w/ nail grind $30.00

* cats welcome


Teeth Brushing

** NOT a DEEP vet cleaning **

** included in grooming services ** 

* light brushing of teeth 

* to be combined with home oral care 

* stand alone service 

* $20.00


Hi, I’m Erin

Since 2016, when I came to Valley Dog and Cat Hospital to groom, I became part of the community.  My business has grown bigger than I ever thought it would and I am very grateful that I have been given this opportunity.  My salon opened in 2021 and I have put my heart and soul into making an intimate experience for your pup so they will feel safe & happy.  

I’ve been providing professional and reliable services that pet owners can count on for over 20 years. With over decades of experience, training and being a second generation groomer,  I understand the expectations of most pet parents and try to provide solutions to the most common problems they face.  I'm always learning about new care techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can be one of the best Dog Groomers in Owings Mills, MD!  Thank you for entrusting me with your fur babies!  

My Happy Clients

like & follow me @beautifulcaninesbyerin

Opening Hours

    Monday -Thursday


6:30 - 3:30


  by appointment only

Ask Away

Leaving your pet with a stranger is never an easy decision, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how it works.

Please feel free to call, text or email me with any questions.


9127 Reisterstown Rd. Owings Mills MD, 21117

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